Town Frýdlant

Welcome to our tourism website, which is here for all visitors of our beautiful town. In individual sections you will find information about the services provided by the Town Information Center in the town hall lobby and about Frýdlant’s tourist attractions, as well as tips for walking routes through the town and its surroundings.

The catalog of Accommodation will help you find the right place for spending the night, and places to find good food are presented in the Dining section.

The Sports, Culture and Entertainment section offers additional ways of spending leisure time in our town.

In the separate Tourist Information from the Frýdlant Region section, you will find additional information about the entire region of the Frýdlant Hook.

The town of Frýdlant, situated on both banks of the Smědá River, is the natural center of the entire Frýdlant Hook. It was established and it grew in the shadow of the castle of the same name, which guards the trade route to Lusatia. It is a town where nearly every street breathes history.

A city of nearly eight thousand inhabitants, Frýdlant has retained much of its beauty and medieval atmosphere that still attracts visitors to a number of innovative cultural events, such as the nationally renowned Karel Velebný Summer Jazz Workshop, and the unique Wallenstein Festival, where men-at-arms wearing Renaissance costumes march through the city, a historical market is set up on the town square and staged battles take place on the surroundings meadows.

For active relaxation, there are ice and soccer stadiums, a gym, high-quality clay tennis courts and a number of walking trails right in the town. The town’s cultural facilities consist of a movie theater, a library, a museum, the nativity scene and an exhibition hall in the town hall building. The very center of the town offers a network of shops and several restaurants with Czech as well as international cuisine.

We recommend visiting:

  • The Town Hall Museum
  • The Municipal Museum in Špitálek
  • The Town Hall Tower
  • The Frýdlant Nativity Scene
  • The castle and chateau
  • The observation tower
  • The Railway Museum
  • Religious monuments
  • The Urban Heritage Zone
Regular cultural and social events:
  • The Easter Fair – the last Saturday before Easter - 13. 4. 2019 in this year
  • The Wallenstein Festival – the third weekend in May, every odd year - 17. - 19. 5. 2019
  • The Karel Velebný Summer Jazz Workshop – the third weekend in August - 10. - 18. 8. 2019
  • European Heritage Days - 7. 9. 2019
  • The Feast of St. Martin – the first Friday in November - 8. 11. 2019
  • The Frýdlant Advent – the First Sunday of Advent - 1. 12. 2019

Iva Beranová, Head of the Culture and Tourism Department
Phone: +420 488 886 600

Photo : Radek Petrášek


Town Frýdlant


Město Frýdlant